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"Because Christ is part of who we are, our faith is integrated into every work we do."

 Welcome to Faith Integrated Arts, the company with a completely new approach to design, production and arts services.  FIA and its partners are believers in Jesus Christ. We believe that our Faith is the source of our talents. The same faith binds us to certain principles of conduct. It also binds us to one another. Faith Integrated Arts is a site dedicated to providing resources for unique, high-quality services at reasonable prices. As well as providing free services for churches and ministry efforts.

Faith Integrated Arts has experience with video development, graphic design, infomercial production, event videography, educational video production, music video production, children's program videography, animation, game development, multi-media marketing, web design and e-commerce solutions, packageing and DVD development. Our competent team of artists from visual and performing arts fields provide professional, honest services for all events, weddings, family momentos, entertainment and business endeavors.

 Faith Integrated Arts' goal is to provide quality services for affordable prices while sharing the joy of faith in our savior, Jesus Christ. Created through the vision of a Christian student attending Texas Tech University, Faith Integrated Arts is dedicated to melding the artistic talents of many into a service that integrates the Christian faith into every work they do. Our paid marketing and design consultation work enables us to create free, independent projects that glorify the Lord through support of area ministies and non-profit organizations nationwide.

We at Faith Integrated Arts are dedicated to to promoting positive messages in all areas of the Arts -- performance, visual, musical and literary. We know that our talents are gifts to be shared. Our prices are reasonable, and in some instances we offer pro-bono services. Fame and fortune is not our focus -- our goal is to serve God by serving others with our gifts, while making a living for our families. It is our belief that Art and beauty are present in each and every person and that a person can possess great talent without endeavoring to become "great" in others' eyes. In fact we believe that all people are priceless stars, and the light within them should be cherished and admired as an individual, unique gift. We focus on local distribution of our free media and incorporate local talent in every possible instance. Most of the outstanding, talented people we work with may never sell out a stadium or star on Broadway -- but they will enjoy the blessing of sharing their God-given gifts with others. No matter what gift you are given, you can showcase that gift through a peaceful, simple life -- a life that glorifies God and what he created you to be. That is what Faith Integrated Arts is all about: taking talented, educated Artists and professionals who can provide specialized services and getting them together to provide services for everyday people while promoting the utmost integrity in their work. To learn more email us at

          At Faith Integrated Arts we believe in supporting charitable organizations that offer value and benefits for all people. We believe in personal responsibility and the right of each person to achieve their best, but we also believe in being part of the solution for important issues that affect our families and society.

          Our daughter, who is now nine, was born with a severe form of kindey disfunction that leads to kidney damage and disease. She has had three surgeries now and we hope that she doesn't have to have more. We're very thankful to God for the wonderful and talented staffs of Dr. Carl Britton and Cornerstone Urology, Covenent Children's Hospital, Dr. Robert Stripling, Lori and Reyna on his staff, and the prayers of the many family members, friends and churches in this area. We know that if she had been born just a generation ago, her prognosis and the ability to treat this disease effectively would have been quite different, and perhaps required transplants and more invasive surgeries. In honor of her continued health and that of many others with other kidney diseases, we have supported the American Kidney Fund
and the National Kidney Foundation, and The Kidney & Urology Foundation of America

          A dear friend, Matt Dutton, who endeavored to enter the ministry and attended LCU passed into Heaven before he was able to fully realize his dreams. Even so, he achived so much for the Lord during his time here on Earth. He is missed every day. In honor of him we have supported and promoted the American Diabeties Foundation.

          In honor of young talented musician Joeseph Cummins, who died of non-hodkins lymphoma at the young age of 19, we donate webwork for Jonathan Jimmerson music ministry.

          In honor of Lorelea Acker, a family member who inspired everyone in her battle against cancer at the young age of 16, we support His Disciples Cooking Ministry and Concho Resource Center. Our Art Director donated his services to help design on of the backdrop scene sets for the local Children's Miracle Network telethon.

          In honor of Fred Hoslei, (a patriarch for one of our family members), and Larry Shannon dear friends who has passed to glory, we support the National Federation of the Blind and donate to the thrift store program.

          In honor of all those whom sponosored scholarships which have helped our staff to attend college or other educational endeavors, including the First Presbyterian Church of Tuila, Price Communications Corp, WB Rushing, Rollie Hyde and the Plainview Daily Herald, John Scott, HM Baggarly and the taxpayers who help fund public education initiatives, one of our members has donated graphic design services to Capture the Dream.

          We also support various ministries at different times during the year including: The 700 Club, Charles Stanley Ministries, James Kennedy Ministries, Focus on the Family,
and the New Deal and Volunteer Fire Department.

          These are people who have touched our lives, and whom we will never forget. They are part of who we are and when we started this work, we did so being mindful of them. We hope that you will consider supporting ministires, charities, and other programs like these with donations of either money or your time, in honor of your loved ones. All things will pass away, houses will crumble, cars will rust, riches will dissapate - but Charity, Faith and Hope will endure forever.


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